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Drift & Row's "Hangman" Game Panel is perfect for word battles and spelling list practice! Hangman is a classic pen and paper game where you attempt to stump your opponent where the only clue you give them is the number of letters contained in your target word/phrase.


Game play instructions are printed on each panel. Traditionally a 2-person game, 3 and 4 person games are possible with creative rule changes.


Each Drift & Row game panel is screen-printed on a nonwoven fabric, this means that each panel is rip-resistant and can be rinsed and washed for refreshed play time and time again. Panels easily roll up for condensed storage and travel.


When used underneath Drift & Row Activity Mats, Game Panels can be used repeatedly without rinsing or dry time - product video demonstrates use of the Activity Mat with Game Panels. Just wipe the mat clean and start again!


Care instructions: rinse in the sink with warm water, for persistent discolorations wash with mild dish soap, lay flat to dry. For best results, use only washable markers or Crayola's DryErase Crayons.


Recommended for ages 6+


Game Panel
  • Drift & Row Game Panels support fine motor skill development related to writing and utensil grasp. Game play offers opportunity for sustained attention, game strategy, inferences and predictions, descriptions, spatial concepts, turn taking and cooperative play, numerical and quantity concepts, and managing a matrix or array.