These Drift & Row milestone boards are perfect for tracking the growth of your newest addition!


Ready to announce the gender of your little one on the way? Use the included words and letters to share the news!


Picture perfect, these milestone boards are a great way to share the big growth of your littlest family member. Easily wall-mountable, these boards are a sweet addition to any nursery decor.


Count up or down with your milestone board, use the words only and until to introduce calendar concepts by counting down the days until a special event. Countdown capabilities stretch your use of the Drift & Row milestone board for years to come.


Each board includes:

numbers 0 through 9 (two sets)

the words, baby, GIRL, BOY, only, until, days, weeks, months, and years


*this product is designed as a decorative item until the age of 2, be mindful about leaving small parts where baby can reach.

Milestone Board - Teepee

  • Drift & Row Milestone Boards are made for capturing the growth and development of your newest family member. Also offering opportunities for introducing and reinforcing calendar concepts through count-down functionality, these Milestone Boards are made to grow with your child.

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